Charges are made per day of boarding, irrespective of time of arrival.

1 cat = £10/day

2 cats sharing = £16/day

3 cats sharing = £21/day.

(VAT is not charged)

The above fees include all food, cat litter, litter disposal and health insurance costs. No extra charges are made if administration of medication or specific diets are required.

COVID 19 update.

Further hygiene measures are now in place at the cattery for your safety.

When booking please provide your email address & we will email you the relevant paperwork to be completed and returned to the cattery by email in advance of your cats stay. In the event that you cannot provide an email address the relevant paperwork can be completed by telephone at the time of making your booking.

Please do not bring any items to the cattery other than your cat in a cat carrier. Bedding, scratching posts, etc will not be accepted but will be provided by the cattery for your cats comfort during their stay.

When arriving at the cattery please ring the bell outside the cattery building and wait for attention. Please do not enter the cattery building.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Mels Kat Kabin

3 Responses to Fees

  1. Karen McIntyre says:

    Please could I come to have a look around?
    Would have to be after 5pm or weekend.
    Also would you have availability Tuesday 21stAug to 30th Aug?

    • katadmin says:

      I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem.

      Your question has been forwarded to Mel and you will be contacted shortly.

      - Mel’s Kat Kabin Support

  2. Maria Tomlinson says:

    Afternoon. You have been very highly recommended by Vicky Cat Sitter from Radcliffe. We have just adopted a beautiful but timid cat called Saffy and are planning ahead with Xmas and next years holiday in mind. We are both off work tomorrow (Friday) so would it be possible to come and visit you to have a look around please? We could come at 1130am or anytime from 3pm.
    Please let me know. Thanks. Maria

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