Our Facilities have been inspected and approved by Rossendale Borough Council and an animal charity, and have been licensed accordingly.

We have eleven cat ‘pods’, to house a total of 24 cats. Nine of these hold 2 cats each (32 square feet) and two ‘pods’ can hold 3 cats each (48 square feet). Only cats from the same household are housed together.

Each pod has a timber construction lined with PVC to ensure hygienic cleaning, up to a height of 4 feet. There are 2 raised bed areas providing 16 square feet of sleeping area in each pod (20 square feet in the two, 3 cat pods). Within each raised bed area there is a window so the cats can look out onto the countryside and often watch the birds and wild rabbits.

The entire building is surrounded by 4 inches of insulation and a composite insulated roof to keep our guests cool in summer but cozy in winter. For those very cold winter days we have gas central heating.

All our guests are offered Hills Science Plan food, however we can accommodate specific diets if required.

Due to my Veterinary nursing background I am more than happy to board older cats that may have specific requirements or those requiring daily medications, at no extra cost. Of course my Veterinary Surgeon husband is on site daily should any cats require veterinary attention. All boarded cats have health insurance during their stay at no extra charge.

We have an isolation unit physically separate from main boarding unit. This would be used should any cat become unwell during their stay with an illness considered to be infectious to the other guests.

I am very proud of my Kat Kabin and take even greater pride in providing a high standard, value for money boarding service. Please feel free to contact me and arrange a look around before making the decision to allow me to care for your precious family feline.

COVID 19 update.

Further hygiene measures are now in place at the cattery for your safety.

When booking please provide your email address & we will email you the relevant paperwork to be completed and returned to the cattery by email in advance of your cats stay. In the event that you cannot provide an email address the relevant paperwork can be completed by telephone at the time of making your booking.

Please do not bring any items to the cattery other than your cat in a cat carrier. Bedding, scratching posts, etc will not be accepted but will be provided by the cattery for your cats comfort during their stay.

When arriving at the cattery please ring the bell outside the cattery building and wait for attention. Please do not enter the cattery building.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Mels Kat Kabin


2 Responses to Facilities

  1. Michelle Wike says:


    We have an indoor cat and was wondering if you had room for her to board from Monday 7th September to Friday 11th September.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • katadmin says:

      Good afternoon Michelle.

      Thanks for the enquiry.

      Your question has been forwarded to Mel and you will be contacted shortly.

      - Mel’s Kat Kabin Support

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