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Lockgate Farm was a cattery originally back in 2000′s and was called, Lockgate Cattery. It closed in October 2002. I purchased the farm in 2006 with my husband Sean. At this time we were becoming established with our own Veterinary Surgery in Bury. I am a Veterinary nurse and my husband is a Veterinary Surgeon. We just kept our horses at the farm but decided to try and re-establish the cattery in 2010. We finally acquired planning permission in February 2011 and began construction of the cattery immediately. This was completed in June 2011 and extended in 2014, and is now open for business and taking bookings for our 36 cat cattery!

The Cattery is fully enclosed. We did a lot of research before designing the cattery and found problems with regulating temperatures with pens that had outside exercise areas. After consultations with various national charities and environmental health departments who hold expertise in feline boarding, we decided that a boarding facility without outside exercise areas was the better option to maintain a high standard of care and achieve the required standards, especially to maintain local authority specified minimum temperatures. We also provide gas central heating and a countryside view!

Although I am called Mel (Melissa), the cattery is actually named after my late father Melvin, who thought of developing the cattery some time ago.

Melissa RVN.

COVID 19 update.

Further hygiene measures are now in place at the cattery for your safety.

When booking please provide your email address & we will email you the relevant paperwork to be completed and returned to the cattery by email in advance of your cats stay. In the event that you cannot provide an email address the relevant paperwork can be completed by telephone at the time of making your booking.

Please do not bring any items to the cattery other than your cat in a cat carrier. Bedding, scratching posts, etc will not be accepted but will be provided by the cattery for your cats comfort during their stay.

When arriving at the cattery please ring the bell outside the cattery building and wait for attention. Please do not enter the cattery building.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Mels Kat Kabin

Lockgate Farm
456 Haslingden Road

4 Responses to About Mel’s

  1. Kathrine Bardsley says:

    Is it possible to come and have a look around and have a chat Thursday
    Many thanks

    • katadmin says:

      Good Morning Kathrine. Thanks for the enquiry.

      Your question has been forwarded to Mel.
      You will be contacted shortly.

      - Mel’s Kat Kabin Support

  2. Mags Fraser says:

    Hi,Kay at Valley cats has put me in touch with you,we have an 18 yr old rescue cat,who has recently become diabetic.She needs insulin twice a day 12hrs apart,would you be able to board her and administer her medicine.
    Mags Fraser

    • katadmin says:

      Good Evening Mags.

      Thanks for the enquiry.

      Your question has been forwarded to Mel.
      You will be contacted shortly.

      - Mel’s Kat Kabin Support

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