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Please leave your comments here – good, bad or indifferent. Hopefully good.

Thanks for letting Mel’s Kat Kabin look after your loved ones.

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  1. Samantha Williams says:

    Thankyou for looking after our two moggies Berkeley and Sprout recently, they had a fab time and we will definitely be using Mels Kat Kabin again. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting 5* treatment for their Kitty.

  2. David Hull says:

    Thanks for taking care of Buffy and Teddy recently. We missed them but they both looked they had fun while we were away. Even Teddy has calmed down since we got back so we’ll definitely be bringing them back when we go away next. Will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants their cats looking after

  3. Karen Harris says:

    Oscar our “mistrusting” cat certainly seemed at home on collection in fact not sure if he wanted to come home after the 5 star treatment he received at the Kat Cabin. I would thoroughly recommend as Mel definitely goes the extra mile! In actual fact Oscar is already booked in for another holiday later this year!

  4. Alison & Gary says:

    Thanks again for looking after our precious cat Ricky, we are not sure whether he wanted to come home at first! He has has now settled back into his routine and back to his grumpy self! We are sure you will be seeing Ricky again when we next go away on holiday. We have no hestitations in recommending Mel’s Kat Kabin to all our friends and family.

  5. Becky Mogg says:

    Thanks very much Mel for looking after Jim, Meg & Poppy on their recent first trip! Poppy is enjoying the Hills food you gave her during her stay at home now and Jim is still sulking, Meg is her usual laid back self…..See you in October for their next holiday at Mel’s Kat Kabin!

    Becky & Stephen

  6. Debbie Lord says:

    Gizmo was well looked after at the end of August – he appeared to be quite content and didn’t want to come home!

  7. Maxine says:

    Hi Mel,

    Just want to say a big thank-you for taking great care of Merlin, whilst we were away for a few days. The cattery that you have is fantastic and Merlin told me you gave her lots of love whilst we were away . We will most certainly be coming back. It was great to see how Merlin was with you when I picked her up.

  8. Allyson & Andy says:

    Hi Mel,
    Thank you so much for looking after Moscow and Kremlin so well whilst we were away. I can honestly say they looked so happy and content and probably even more chilled than we were! Your texts to me were so reassuring and greatly appreciated too. I would class their treatment and accommodation as a 5* plus spa for cats, and both Moscow and Kremlin are looking forward to their return visit. I would have no hesitation in recommending this cattery, and am already passing the word amongst my friends. Big Thank you once again, and snugs from Moscow and Kremlin.
    Allyson & Andy

  9. Emma & Karen says:

    Hi Melissa

    Alfie, Emily and Tim want to say a big thank you to you and Jack for looking after them so well, whilst their mummies were away. We had no doubts that they would be given the excellent care that they always receive from their favourite vet and nurse.
    We are sure that they are sneakily packing their bags for their next holiday with you and your family.

    Many Thanks

    Karen & Emma

  10. Josephine walker says:

    Hi Mel,

    Many thanks for taking care of our little fuzzy friends “Sneaky” and “Orion”.

    They must have been happy because we couldn’t get them out to come home, little toe rags, Orion even went as far as clinging to the side of the pod. Came back in great condition, so obviously well looked after. They have only just begun speaking to us again though, I suppose we should consider ourselves suitably chastised for abandoning them, lol.

    We were having some building work done, although we missed them a lot it alleviated a lot of the stress this would have caused them, and us, and is much appreciated. The flexibility shown by you in keeping them for an extra day was also a nice bonus. We also liked the fact it was not a problem to call for updates if we wanted to.

    We would have no hesistation in recommending you for anyone who needs their little furry purry looking after.

    Thanks again.


  11. Rob Steve & Diesel says:

    Hi Mel & Shaun,
    Well we only brought Diesel as our usual cattery was full. All we can say is that he has never settled back at home as well as when you looked after him for us. When we went to collect him i wasn’t even sure if he wanted to come home!!! :-)
    You do go the extra mile and the framed photo of him was lovely. Thanks
    We will certainly be bringing him again when we next go on our travels and will be recommending you to anyone who would be looking to use a cattery.

    Many thanks
    Rob Steve & Diesel xxxxx

  12. Jane Bruton says:

    Hi Mel,

    Maya and Pippin would like to say “thank you” for your care and attention while they were with you (although Pippin is complaining that she put on some holiday weight!!) and I would like to thank you too – it is really re-assuring to know they are safe, comfortable and well-cared-for while we were away enjoying ourselves.

    Many thanks again,
    Jane & Marcus.


    This is the first time my boys, (AKA Bill & Ben) have been to stay with Mel. And it is the first time that Bill hasn’t come home from the cattery sick and he’s 12 this year! He really is a very spoilt & nervous cat but he came home very chilled – no hissing & spitting at all. Both of the boys are on medication and it was great to have someone who understands their health problems and gives the right kind of care. I would certainly recommend your cattery – that is of course unless you are going to get lots of bookings and there will be no room for my boys for return holiday!!!!! Will see you later on in the fall. Thanks again folks, from Bill & Ben and their happy Mummy.

  14. Viki says:

    Thanks for looking after Cinnamon and Nutmeg :-) I think they quite enjoyed their stay with you and were reluctant to leave. They appear very happy and healthy and smell fresh too! I’m sure they will stay with you again sometime.

    Many thanks,
    Viki x

  15. Amber & Harry says:

    Hi Mel,
    Thank you for looking after our Theo for us, he settled in straight away and was so relaxed and calm when we picked him up. We also felt reassured with the texts that you sent us. We will be bringing him back next time we are away and will recommend you to anyone looking for a good cattery with 5 star treatment.
    Many thanks
    Amber & Harry xxx

  16. The Whelan family says:

    Thank you for looking after Arfa so well for us. It was the first time we’d all been away together since we got him and your wonderful care put our minds at ease that he was in really good hands. Will (and have already) recommend Mel’s highly. Thanks again.

  17. Jof Harrison says:

    Massive thanks to Mel and Sean for looking after the old boy Mogget. He had his usual grump around every room in the house when he got home but told me he was very well looked after and happy at the Kat Kabin.

    Thanks again

    Jof, Lisa, Beck, Charlie and of course Mogget :)

  18. KimRatcliffe says:

    Thankyou so much for looking after Casper & Tabby! They have settled back at home well, but have made me get the treats that you use and the food that you have. You really do give a 5* service and more! I am a very over protective cat owner so if anyone is looking for the best accommodation / hotel for your cat, look no further! You have found the best! Many many thanks x

  19. Lindsay and Owen (and Minnie) says:

    We left Minnie to stay at Mel’s Kat Kabin in November 2012 and would highly recommend it as she had a great time and was well looked after. She had never stayed away from home in the 6 months since we adopted her but she settled in well and was back to herself within a day of coming home. The texts off Mel telling us how Minnie was getting on (She apparently ate “more than the horses”) allowed us to enjoy our first trip away from our lovely cat. She will definitely be spending any future holidays at Mel’s!

  20. Margaret Green says:

    Thank you for taking good care of Titus and Rattie; it’s been a difficult year and I couldn’t have coped without your help. Titus escaped only 12 hours after arriving at the new house and stayed out for 36 hours! I then took a chance and let them both out and we have never looked back, they are happy and settled and in an out like a fiddler’s elbow. Best wishes. Margaret.

  21. Chris & Paula (Harley) says:

    Thank you for looking after Harley, She always looks well when she has been staying with you and we know she gets very well looked after, I would highly recommend Mels for your feline’s when THEY need a break,

  22. Truffle's family says:

    Thank you for looking after Truffle so well. He was obviously very content in his holiday home.

  23. LYNNE says:

    Pixie is a small and timid cat who has never been away from home for the seven years she has lived with me. However this year she had to have a four week holiday!
    Mel’s Kat Kabin came recommended and I viewed the facilities on the website and booked her in. Remembering the trauma of having to drop my daughter off at playgroup many moons ago, I asked my daughter to take her!

    On return Mel gave me a full account of Pixie’s stay, including the fact that she managed to “disappear” in her Kabin (despite the fact that this was an impossibility).
    To make Pixie feel more secure Mel created a makeshift shelter around her bed whilst she gained her confidence which she did over the next couple of days. I was very impressed with Pixie’s accommodation and all the cats that were boarded when I visited seemed very happy too! And, just like the playgroup experience, Pixie was quite indifferent to my arrival!

  24. Joanne & Michael Vincent says:

    Hi Mel,
    Just a quick note to say thank you again for looking after Poppy whilst we were away. She settled back in straight away and we just wanted to thank you for taking care of her in her second home!! See you in October, thanks again Joanne & Michael

  25. LYNNE says:

    My cat Pixie is a small and timid cat who has never been away from home for the 7 years she has lived with me. However this year she had to have a 4 week holiday and
    Mel’s Kat Kabin was recommended. Having viewed the facilities on the website I booked her in. Remembering the trauma of having to drop my daughter off at playgroup many moons ago, I asked my daughter to take her!

    On return Mel gave me a full account of Pixie’s stay, including the fact that she managed to “disappear” in her kabin (despite the fact that this was an impossibility).

    To make Pixie feel more secure Mel created a makeshift shelter around her bed whilst she gained confidence which she did over the next couple of days. I was very impressed with Pixie’s accomodation and all the cats that were boarded when I visited were very happy too. And, just like the playgroup experience, Pixie was quite indifferent to my arrival to collect her, reinforcing how much she had enjoyed her stay!

    I have no reservations in recommending Mel’s Kat Kabin and would like to say a big Thank You to Mel and Sean for providing such a welcoming, professional and caring environment for Pixie’s holiday.

  26. Kath says:

    Thank you for looking after Sabrina so well the 3 times she has boarded with you this year. She’s an old lady now (at least 14) and starting to look frail, but she always comes back from staying with you looking well cared for and content. She always seems relaxed when we come to collect her. It’s a weight off my mind to know that she’s so well looked after when we go away.

  27. Laura & Nick says:

    Our 2 cats, Maggie and Gem absolutely love staying at Mel’s, so much so we struggle to get them out when we pick them up!

    Mel is always flexible when dropping off and picking up, which is a big positive for us.

    Knowing that they are in such good hands, makes it so much easier for when we are booking breaks away, and I know that Mel will always contact us if there is a problem.

    Thank you Mel, great service as always!

    See you soon x

  28. Janet & Mike says:

    Thanks to Mel for looking after our two fur babies Oscar & Molly. They were so chilled and relaxed when we went to pick them up, I’m sure they wanted to stay longer.
    Oscar & Molly were so relaxed that Mike thinks Mel is ‘the cat whisperer’.
    We will be bringing them again for their next little holiday and would definitely recommend Mel’s Kat Kabin.
    Thanks again Mel and see you soon.
    Janet, Mike, Oscar & Molly :)

  29. Jo says:

    Hi Mel,

    Thank you for looking after Tino so well. Last time we placed Tino in a cattery he hid at the back of the settee for a week and wouldn’t have anything to do with us!! this time (not sure what magic you used!) but he was brill. We opened the box to let him get use to his surroundings, he jumped out and was rubbing himself against us. He was meowing constantly and wanting to go outside and I know you advised not to let him out but we couldn’t cope with the noise anymore!! we let him out into the garden and sat with him for an hour or so then when he wandered off we called him back and he came back straightaway!!

    We know that you have taken fantastic care of him with how he has returned back with a new found confidence and how he has settled back home really quickly. We can not thank you enough.

    Kind regards,

    Jo x

  30. Rosie Fearn says:

    Hi Mel, Kitty and Puddy settled straight back in at home as usual after their ‘holibobs’ at the Kat Kabin. We can tell just how well looked after they are and that they both love you to bits, which for us is a true sign of just how good you all are at the Kabin, a cut above any other cattery we have tried. Thank you so much for taking good care of them both and for keeping in touch with us re their treatment. See you soon! Rosie and Anthony Fearn x

  31. Joyce Glover says:

    We were very nervous about leaving our two babies in a cattery for the first time so were delighted with the extra miles that Mel goes to keep not only Poppy and Shadow happy but their Mum and Dad too. It was so reassuring to receive texts from Mel telling us how our furry babes were doing and they were so relaxed and happy when they came home it was amazing. No sulks or turned backs. Just requests to go back to Kat Kabin for another holiday soon. Thanks Mel it is so good to know we can leave them with confidence and just enjoy our holidays with no worries even though we will still miss them every day !!
    Love and thanks from all of us

    Joyce and George

  32. Amy & Tim says:

    Prior to finding Mel’s Kat Kabin we were always nervous leaving our 2 boys whenever we went away. However they are so well loved and cared for when they stay sat Mel’s it’s like their second home. No more stressful car journeys or moody kit kits when we pick them up and total piece of mind for us. Mel is extremely flexible with drop off and pick up times compared to other catterys which really suits our busy lifestyle and last minute travel plans. Couldn’t recommend this place more and we are absolutely delighted that we have found it (-: love Sgt Cannonball & Monty xxx

  33. Sue Roe says:

    I have a very timid, shy cat who absolutely thrives with Mel. Mel takes the time to get to know all the cats staying with her and makes sure that they receive personal attention, cuddles and care. It is so reassuring to know that he is in safe hands, Mel is always happy to provide a reassuring text and is always flexible for pick up and drop off times. So, well done Mel, great support for me and lovely care for my boy!


  34. Nadia Krasij says:

    Leo and Willow have stayed at Mels’s on several occasions now and we have always been happy with the care they’ve been given. Both our cats are rescue cats and have completely different personalities but both have received care suited to their individual needs. Half an hour after coming home they are both absolutely fine – no sulking!
    We know they are safe and well looked after but we still worry; Mel is kind enough to reply to our texts to reassure us they are ok and is always flexible about when we drop the cats off or pick them up.
    We already have Leo and Willow booked in for our fortnight holiday secure in the knowledge Mel will look after them.
    I have recommended KatKabin to friends without hesitation.

  35. David Dow says:

    Melissa spent the time to get our VC Cat settled into the cattery after a long road journey from Bulgaria. Melissa was happy to provide updates and pictures of little VC Cat who looked settled and certainly at home. There was no hesitation when ask at short notice to board VC and the fact that the drop off time had to be flexible after such a long journey. No problem. It was a pleasure to deal with Melissa and feel comfortable that VC Cat was in good hands. Very much appreciated Melissa great support for me and perfect for VC Cat. Definite recommendation from me.

    David (Bulgaria)

  36. Carol & Bryan says:

    Our cat Daisy May has stayed at Mel’s Kat Kabin a few times now. The facilities are top notch and Mel herself is efficient and lovely to deal with, and is clearly very fond of the cats in her care. Daisy is a breed that has tear drainage problems and regularly needs her eyes cleaning with a damp cloth. As she can develop eye problems, it’s so reassuring to know that Mel is a trained professional who can diagnose and treat her as necessary. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mels Kat Kabin, and I’m sure if Daisy could speak then she would say the same, as she clearly adores Mel and always comes home totally relaxed, happy and healthy.

  37. Lisa Greenwood says:

    Our 2 cats stayed with Mel while we went on holiday, they had never been to a cattery before, I was very impressed with the facilities at Mel’s all the cats looked so relaxed. When we came to pick William, Molly and Charlie up they looked so happy and at home, it felt like we were interrupting their holiday and they obviously adored Mel .Once home the cats settled in quickly although Molly did escape from her box on the way home … a plan to get back? ;-) . I’m really pleased with the service provided and the level of care given I have no hesitation in recommending Mel’s Kat Kabin.

  38. Victoria Gardner says:

    Oskar had a lovely holiday at Mel’s. He has been looked after with genuine love, affection and the utmost care and I’m sure will look forward to his next stay at Aunty Mel’s. Thank you for looking after our precious fur baby x x

  39. Tracie Johnson says:

    My family and I travelled to tenerife last week and our four furry family members visited mels Kat Kabin for the week, we were quite surprised at how relaxed they were when the lovely Mel sent us an email of them all together, Charlie, Micah,willow and Marley have never been away from home before but Mel made their stay comfortable for them, thanks Mel and Ava for looking after our babies and Charlie loved his cuddles. Will definitely be keeping this number and using again in the not so far future.

  40. Natalie Trousdale says:

    My baby boy Keo came to stay at Mel’s while we went cruising. Keo has never stayed away from home before, but from the moment we dropped him off i knew he was in great hands! A massive thank you Mel for looking after my baby boy and giving him lots of cuddles and attention. Many thanks x x

  41. Trish Allan says:

    Thank you Mel, Smudge had a wonderful time and love the food! We will be back again as we know he had a great time. A big thank you for looking after him.

  42. freeman says:

    When my cat VC travelled over from Bulgaria I was still outside UK so she had to spend a couple of weeks at Mel’s. Thanks to the patient and loving care she received there VC not only recovered well from the trauma of the journey but did not want to leave!!. I’m hoping that her upcoming holiday there will prove equally succesful as I cannot praise Kat Kabin too highly.

  43. Claire Rigby says:

    We can not recommend Mels cat Kabin enough, after losing our cat earlier this year we got Rio a mischievous house kitten so when booking our holiday only 4months later I was very nervous at leaving him as he follows us everywhere & loves attention. We met Mel, to look around and she gave us so much advice and information before we’d even booked him in. Once on holiday, Mel kept us updated with his cheeky behaviour and sent pics so that we knew he was ok. I’m actually thinking he had a better holiday than us!! Rio’s future holidays will definitely be with Mel, thank you.
    Claire & Marc

  44. Laura says:

    Thank you for taking such good care of Pebbles and Lexie. They love coming to you and never seem to want to leave!

  45. Ben Parkin says:

    Hi Mel,

    Thank you so much for looking after Ronald and Wilson. Last time we went away Ron got very upset so this time we wanted them really looking after. I did a little bit of research and found Mels. We went and had a look round and booked the boys straight in. When we dropped the boys off Ron did his usual hiding under blankets and generally being homesick. Mel took the time to help him settle in by moving them to a better placed room and spending time with them. Before we knew it they were both upto their old tricks and Ron was playing with his favourite toy and stealing the treat packet! Mel even took the time to send us some pictures of them! Many thanks Mel! We’ll be using Mels Kat Kabin again!!

  46. Tricia says:

    Willow stayed at Mels’s for the first time last week and it was great. Half an hour after coming home she was absolutely fine – no sulking! and believe me that is unusual for Willow!
    She has only been in a cattery once before so I was worried but to know she was safe and well looked after is a wonderful feeling. Mel was kind enough to reply to my emails and send me pictures to reassure me Willow was ok, think she may have had a better holiday than me!
    Mel was flexible about when I dropped or picked Willow up and to know that with her experience and knowledge and the fact that there is a vet on site just took the worry away.
    To know that for my next holiday I have a place where I know Willow will be well looked after and dare I say where she will enjoy to go is a wonderful feeling.

    I would not hesitate to recommended KatKabin to friends. In one word ‘FANTASTIC’

  47. Nicole says:

    Mel looked after our two girls for over two weeks and went to great lengths with various different diets for one of them, for which we are very grateful. I felt very reassured that Mel is an animal nurse as our girls are elderly, and so if very safe hands. A big thanks to the team at Mels for looking after our two little felines. We will use Mels from now on.

  48. Diane Ford says:

    Thank You for looking after Lyra for the second time this year. I would highly recommend anyone to leave their moggy at Mel’s. I felt very reassured that she was in good hands. I was nervous on Lyra’s first visit and texted Mel to make sure she was ok. Mel got back to me promptly & was very reassuring that all was well. We will be booking her in again for sure.

  49. Trish says:

    Susie has stayed with Mel twice she always looks happy and settled when I pick her up. Mel responds very quickly to queries and I will not hesitate leaving Susie here again she’s already booked in for our next 2 holidays.
    Thanks Mel

  50. Yvette Lee says:

    Thank you for looking after our kittens, Daisy and Lexi this week. Their enclosure was lovely and clean and big enough for the two of them. Mel gave them some toys to keep them entertained and we now know that drinking straws are their new favourite toy!! Thanks Mel, we will definitely be back!

  51. natasha vicari says:

    I would 100% recommend Mel’s Kat Kabin. My cat Pumpkin is nearly 12 months old and has stayed at Mel’s a couple of times, once for a few days and another two weeks. He has on both occasions come back a very happy kitty.
    I have found them to be very helpful, they will do as much as they possibly can to accommodate you and find a place for your cat. I was reassured on holiday that Pumpkin was fine and Mel even sent me a pic of him.
    I will definitely send Pumpkin on holiday to Mels again.
    Natasha Vicari

  52. Becci Hinchliff says:

    Thank you for taking such excellent care of Max, Gertie, Penny, Alice and Luna. They have not been to a cattery before and you were happy to keep me informed of their progress while I worried they were ok. I would definitely use you again.

  53. Thank you for taking good care of Daisy again. I know she can be left and i have no worries at all that she is in good hands.

  54. Ann + Andrew says:

    I was beyond worried about leaving Cheesecake as he can be a fragile little thing even though he’s a chunky cat. I emailed Mel whilst we were away and received a lovely update which put my mind at rest.

    On picking him up Mel gave us an update on how he was from the moment we had left him right through the week. Also advised us on what food was best for cheesecake and how it was good for him and he enjoyed it too.

    Cheesecake was well looked after and Mel gave him everything he needed. I now know that Cheesecake will be happy with Mel and I definitely wouldn’t put him anywhere else.

    Thanks so much Mel

    Ann, andrew and Cheesey

  55. Carol jones says:

    Thank you very much for looking our babies Alfie,George,Thomas,Rosie and Poppy. They came home looking very happy and like why did you have to take us home ? We were happy with Aunty Mel. We are glad you enjoyed your holiday you can go again any time xxx. Lots of love The Gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Thanks Mel they love you it’s great going away and not having to worry .Thanks Carol xxxxxxxxxxxx

  56. Tania Taylor says:

    Our cat has complex needs due to being on steroids and cystaid daily and having had patella groove surgery on her two back legs. Her last cattery hadn’t appreciated the importance of keeping up with her steroids and she was very poorly when we collected her last summer, so it was really important for us to find somewhere that appreciated how important it was that she was given her meds daily. Mel and her husband are qualified vet/vetinary nurse which immediately gave us peace of mind. Today we collected our cat, hoping for the best and we were not let down. She immediately showed recognition of Mel and a friendliness that demonstrated Mel had been interacting with her throughout her stay. Instead of being forlorn and quiet she was full of energy and meows on our journey home.

    It was a stark difference to the last cattery and we won’t be going anywhere else in future.

    Mels Kat Kabin is a fair drive away from us, but her wonderful care is more than worth it. We highly recommend. Thank you so much. We’ll be back soon.

  57. Tania Taylor says:

    I forgot to say, as its Christmas Dusty even came home with a little Christmas present! Thank you so much.

    Next time we go away I’ll be able to relax so much more knowing that she is safe and well cared for.

  58. Tessa says:

    Thank you very much for looking after Barney for us for 2 weeks. We were a bit worried about how he would adjust to being somewhere new, but he clearly was well looked after and a happy cat during his stay. We would highly recommend Mel’s Kat Kabin and will be using again in the future. Knowing he was being looked after made it easier to relax on holiday.
    Thanks again for looking after Barney so well.
    Tessa and Rick xx

  59. Caroline says:

    We were nervous about leaving our babies Mauzer and Warren in a ‘cat hotel’ for the first time ever but we really were in safe hands at Mel’s Kat Kabin! Both cats were affectionate with Mel (giving her a head bump) when we arrived to collect them, so I know they were being well looked after.
    I’d be really happy to leave them there again, and it really was a relief to be away on holiday knowing they were safe, warm and being cared for.

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